Grand Opening Special! Private Yoga Lessons for Beginners - 50% Off
to Jan 31

Grand Opening Special! Private Yoga Lessons for Beginners - 50% Off

Have a loved one you would like to introduce to yoga but they may be too intimidated by group classes to even try?!!!

For many people new to yoga, walking into a group class without any experience is not only intimidating, but it can actually be unsafe. Knowing the correct alignment of poses is important to protecting the knees, hips, shoulders, and other joints and muscles. Group classes rarely offer the amount of individualized instruction that beginners need. 

Molly Williams, Certified Yoga Instructor and Life Coach, works with all ages - from teens to seniors - to teach the basics of yoga and help clients reach their goals.  Balance. Strength. Flexibility. Knowledge of poses. Modifications. Private yoga instruction, as well as private meditation sessions (if you are someone who needs help getting over the hump of "I can't shut my brain down") is extremely rewarding, fun, and empowering.  Whatever goals you have become possible with focus and support!  

To celebrate the Grand Opening of the Nourishing Life Center in January 2018, private yoga sessions held at this location will be offered at 50% discount!

Limit 10 yoga classes per person at discounted price. Classes may be taken beyond January but the discounted classes are only available for purchase in December and BUY NOW!

Visit Molly Williams website to read more and purchase lessons.

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